Support and Area of Intervention

a) Women’s empowerment.

b) Social mobilization

c) Bio Diversity

d) Strengthening the civil society organization

e) Establishing micro enterprise based on NTFPs.

f) Rights based activity

Activities: In order to achieve above objectives SS carry out following activities

  • Taking care of the collection and processing of MFPs and Agricultural products.
  • Raising public awareness through training, workshops and educational tours
  • Promote plantation of the MFPs produce plants to get better income from the plants and cultivation, tree based wadi, of the various threaten spices
  • To provide support to them to make bargaining power to get fare price of the products
  • Encouraging the Tendupatta and other MFPs cooperatives and groups societies and capacity building of the staff of such peoples organizations
  • Encouraging advocacy and centralized lobbies to manage problems and regularize the trade,
  • Support to studies, researches and workshops to build a common understanding of the issue.

Work done by Samarthak Samiti

During the last ten years Samarthak Samiti works to formation of groups and the cooperatives for the collection and marketing of MFPs in Kotra, Jhadol, Salumber, Girwa, and Gogunda, Dungarpur, and Dhariyawad blocks. People motivated to organized themselves in-MFPs groups and collected MFPs like Sitaphal, Ratanjote, Aonla, Honey, Jamun, Puhar, and Mahuwa from forest and other near by area.

The other groups of the region did business of Mahuwa, Mango and Jamun and other MFPs were also benefited. The formation of such groups helped in maintaining the price of MFPs and building pressure on local traders and government machinery to hike the price every year. In Kumbhalgarh region, while giving rights of collection of MFPs the BDO announced minimum rates for some of the MFPs on insistence of these groups. Due to intensive lobbying efforts put in by Samarthak Samiti, one group of Kheraliya village of Kumbhalgarh block got the right to collect Ratanjote in one Panchayat by fighting the tender in the block with traders.

Another important work done by Samiti was getting the unit reservation right for the cooperative for Tendu leaf collection in forest area. During the last ten year the four cooperatives, Kotra, Aburoad, Jhalawar, Pratapgarh, and Jhadol took contracts in Tendu leaf units and work successfully in Tendupatta business and earn the good amount of the profit from the business.

  • Lobbying and advocacy for policy change
  • Social mobilization and empowerment of women’s specially tribal
  • Unit reservation for Tendupatta cooperatives from forest department
  • Increasing collection rate of Various MFPs.
  • Work for use of the PESA in proper way to get rights over MFPs in area
  • To better implement of the Forest right act in area
  • Resource Mobilization for cooperatives and groups
  • Support in Marketing linkage of MFPs and agriculture
  • Documentation of the experiences on the issue
  • Training and Exposure visit
  • Formation of the women’s MFPs groups
  • Formation of the cooperatives
  • Networking with like minded and with organizations working on the issue and the
  • Skill based training to improve harvesting system to conserve the environment

Marketing linkage for the Groups and cooperatives

As Samarthak Samiti has the objective to support the groups and the cooperatives in to sell and marketing of the MFPs Samarthak is playing the role of the marketing person. SS is trying to link the groups and cooperative to direct market and got some success in

Jamun Ark and Sirka Making: by tribal women’s groups

Samarthak has start at one group of Pratapgarh area and one at Kotra area where the groups have been trained for the making of the Jamun Sirka and Jamun Ark. In these group are making the Jamun ark and Sirka at Group level and then the Packing of the both produce are arrange at Samarthak Samiti level ( 250 litter + 250 litter per year Rs. 25000 + 50,000 )

Collection of the Aggri produces by tribal women’s groups

Samarthak has start to promote the collection of the agree produce by the groups along with the MFPs as the groups have not full flash business of the MFPs and members are not getting the fare price also for there agree produce. Produce like Chana, Moong, has been start at small level in two areas Salumber and Dhariyawad (Rs. 1, 00,000 approximate.)

Tendu leaves collection and trading: By tribal cooperatives

At present we are supporting to the Tendupatta cooperatives of the Kotra, Abu road, Pratapgarh, Jhadol and Jhalawar are five cooperative who have worked in tendupatta business in the area and they have got good margin of the profit as surplus. Out of these five cooperative at least one or two cooperatives work every year based on the getting the tender from the forest department. (3000 – 4000 bags per year Rs. 40 – 50 lakhs)

Collection and trading of other MFP by women’s MFPs groups

Collection of the other minor forest produce like Aonla, Puhar, Jatropha, Mahuwa, Dhatura, Mom , Nagarrmotha , Neem, Custard apple seeds are collected by the various groups of the area these are based at Bichiwara (Dungarpur) , Dhariyawad (Pratapgarh) , Kotra, Gogunda, Jhadol, Salumber, (Udaipur ) ( Rs 3 to 5 lakhs per year )

Honey collection: By tribal groups

Presently 10 groups are collecting (based availability) the Honey in the area in the Kotra rezone in which nearly 20 quintal of honey has been collected through the Kotra cooperative. Two group’s members are trained to Process and packed the honey at Devla cluster level at Kotra cooperative office. And the some of the packing of the honey at Udaipur level is done by Samarthak staff if we need to sell it in Pouch in absence of the electricity it is done at Samarthak office. (500 – 2000 Kg Per year Rs. 50,000- 2, 00,000 )