Details of Current staff and qualifications:

Sl Name of Staff Date of Joining Educational qualification Work experience Role in Samarthak
1 Sh. Kamlendra Singh Since start Post graduate 27 year Programme Coordinator
2 Sh. Panna Lal Dangi 1998 Graduate 19 years Accounts and Admin
3 Sh. Asha ram Meena 2006 Graduate 10 years Cluster facilitator
4 Sh. Bhura ram Garasiya 2010 Middle 8 years Community worker
5 Smt. Joyti Shaktawat 2014 Graduate 3 years Cluster Facilitator
6 Smt. Tulsi Meena 2014 Graduate 3 years Community worker
7 Sh. Mohan lal Garasiya 2004 Middle 15 years Community worker
8 Sh. Dhanna ram Garasiya 2004 Middle 20 years Community worker
9 Sh. Vinod Verma 2016 Graduate 12 years Office assistant
10 Sh. Mani Lal Menat  2002 Middle 18 years Community worker

Part time supporters

 Name of Persons Type Type of Support
Dr. Ginny Shrivastva Mentor / Volunteer Time to time guidance
Dr. P. S. Ranawat  

Volunteer & Technical support

Processing , Value addition work, plant and Machinery
Dr. Sunil Gotam Nursery, Plantation, and agro base activity
Dr. Vandeep Ameta
Mr. Brajesh Pande Development consultant Technical support in project planning , management and documentation
Mr. Deepak Sharma Development consultant
Mr. Ramesh Paliwal Marketing work
Smt. Digeshwari Processing and Packing